Prior to 2002 I had no experience of military,historical, intelligence or overseas events. That I knew of. Now I assume it is more so than not, such are the shadows

Tim Baber, where I run to….

Tim Baber is an early retired ex librarian who worked for 30 years in education. He is the editor of http://www.msbnews.co.uk , which dissects the square mile not of London but Christchurch harbour, which is bounded by the ancient town of Christchurch, in Dorset, the ancient Hengistbury Head and the beach hut strewn strand of Mudeford sandbank, where a beach hut may fetch £260,000, as few come on the market and many from the real square mile would like to :”buy in”, and do.

The editorial offices for the Mudeford Sandbank News, sold for £120,000. The hut next to it sold for £260,000 in 2012, after a slow year in sales.

My own family sold our hut of eight decades use for £120,000 five years ago and no hard feelings, it was a place for a short time of torture for me in a manner I am only justy beginning to piece together as a struggle for supremacy of this nation against others real, or maybe only imagined, it seems not to actually matter anymore. WE have to be prepared.

A lot goes back, comes back, to this….

For all of that, decades of my life and one of writing about it, go to http://www.msbnews.co.uk. Additional fun sites were created but lost thanks to Apple, iWeb and Mobile Me not remaining seamless. No special reason, just the redundancy of systems to be expected in a revolutionfrom print to screen. In the last century we have seen man moved from hoe to a new subliminal serfdom.

30 years repeating the same academic calendric routines outside of beach hut enjoyments would seem of no interest, but in 2002 I decided to research the local Alice in Wonderland theme park owned by a savvy local farmer and conservative councillor with a better beach hut than mine and a way with a generous smile. If you were to copy me googling “Alice in Wonderland theme park” and put yourself in my shoes, you would quickly fall upon theme parks being used (as are feature films) to reinforce hypnotic style military inspired civilian research today feared and named correctly as Monarch Programming.  This blog is a reminder to anyone doing the same thing a mere innocent but curious blogger can propel himself to the front of a noble list of people trying to escape the gravity of the subject they uncover.

On the other hand, I promise to try and keep this light, because otherwise I will lose you. Sometimes it helps to be a pollyanna, and find some purpose in any contrived or accidental declamation


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