A site to collate various bits and pieces.

This new site is intended to grab the best bits from my other sites and point to stuff I found helpful in my researches.

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One thought on “A site to collate various bits and pieces.

  1. Tim Baber (@beachhutman)

    Time has passed, monarch programming is more embedded than I supposed. I have felt the training now to my satisfaction it is not an idea of reference. I can report my 2002 articles were 100% “right” as an alert at that time. I proceed at my own speed hopefully.

    This temporary site has been superseded by Rudyard Kipling might not endorse either but he had profited from the history I describe . Anyone wanting to see if I am aware and untouched by a mind control system, or aware and compromised by it should know I only know of the latter when I think of the former. It is all about being inhibited or disinhibited…that is all they want from you
    My father who faced real bullets and bombs managed to suggest this advice to me…” be nice to the Americans. In the 60’s he founded a local group of Look Listen to monitor the media, and a clipping from then has him asking “for how long does post hypnotic suggestion work?”
    You need to know that most things are tricks and some experiments fail, that explains the hit rate on Google for these words.

    Most try to hint using allusions. I know this to be monarch programming. I know this is doomed to perpetual experimentation. Without competitive necessity mind control can be seamless when it wants to be, and it can deceive, and if it wants to it can work with you or against you without your knowledge. Politicians would be mad to drop this ball, else we are slaves. Those “skilled in the art” could stop war. But something is holding them back. Something is hiding how we got here (Mengele, I met him) and something is keeping massive and superb pain relief from those who can tell the difference when they stop the demonstration. Nothing that good is going to be free. And for now P2OG shows the way to treat secrets.

    I claim monarch mind control is active amongst civilians and I stumbled into a world that Will Filer a (I presume former) consultant for the NSA writes is now their most embedded and secret weapon for….., I do not think he (or I) really have a chance of knowing for sure now. If you understand that you understand the politician’s problem. If you understand that you would be right to wonder at my persistence. The answer is I test the system for leaks by being one. See Weltanschauungskrieg Leaks…that is another site of mine. I try to be honest and that seems useful to decieve later. Keep my early stuff on file. Ink on paper is more reliable I still think as a librarian . But then animal lover Julie Christie in Farenheit 451 was never going to be free.
    Apparently freedom is getting rarer with more experimentation. If mind control is seamless…well I can only tell my story and wonder at everyone else
    being busier than me.

    You should find the Will Filer Psyops site after reading mine. His view is my father’s suspicions and my assuming trickery has moved into real time mind control when it is important enough (or can be automatically translated with algorithms which Kevin Slavin has taped about on and I have ticked most of the boxes he mentions so it is hard to be sure.

    Will Filer, though, may set you free if only by keeping you aware. My story is a biography that may only make sense later.
    Students of following the ball might enjoy beachhutman on twitter.


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