Hoist by their own Petard

Dr Josef Mengele, 1913-1979 [we are told], and Rolf (now Jenckel) the surviving lawyer (now retired) son, who has been running the 8 to 10 bed Villa Almarin as a business since at least 2008. I find it exciting that Mougins, 7 km from all the celebrities and film producers of Cannes…targeted by Monarch Programming, has a German named villa belonging to the son of Dr Mengele which   is called “Almarin” roughly translated as “master-work”. All I need to do is canvass the village for any memories, say in the last two decades, of a short natty, heavily accented German speaker with massive black lines in his cheeks as I describe in http://www.bhmversusmengele.tumblr.com

For any Pavlovian psychologists fascinated that Mind Control can work, go to beachhutman@twitter or however I should write this new as I think write it down service. I need only tell my story as so much is now on the web, considering how much of it is or should be classified. Last night I spoke to a hero of mine on the phone from Liverpool where I went to university (OK poly) and it was a beautiful thing after talking for a couple of minutes to hear the accent of my youth go “bloody hell!” as he grasped not the Mengele bit, but the Monarch Programming bit




By an extraordinary twist of fate I have fallen upon a scurrilous webpage that ordinarily would not mean anything much to the modern reader. A website concerned about Mengele from a religious point of view has suggested Dr Mengele’s son is not in fact his son. In my researches I have come across many views. Some historically interested web readers have commented how handsome Mengele was, even how tall (he was 5’8″ at most), how like son Rolf was inheriting the genes of a man considered by some to be a master. And now we have a interested party claiming Rolf was illigitimate. Normally this would be a private matter, but it has huge consequences if true. In 1985 the exhumation had to prove the 1979 burial was Mengele. People who know my story, my researches. will know I believe Mengele was alive and working for the Western intelligence agencies perfecting trauma training , a variety of which UK Special forces admit to using today, as seen on television. I base this on my 2002 research activity and a sighting, feeling and hearing of a man I( 9 years later, based on unseen before photos)  concluded must have been Mengele.



Experienced researcher Gerald Posner was unconvinced in 1985 the exhumation was Mengele. In fact reward money for the man doubled to $4million  even though there was a body on the slab. In 1987 DNA could be compared, the exhumed remains against the familial DNA of Rolf Mengele, the son. I am told the proof is a 12 digit number, and this, notarised, authorised, validated, with top names certain of  being taken seriously, all swore the samples were a perfect match.


Two years ago I saw the photos of Mengele from just before the “burial” and my firm view, with contrary evidence falling away the longer I looked into it, was Mengele was alive, working for the West as I describe, in 2002…at the sprightly age of 93, aided by a minder who attempted to film the encounter as I fully describe at http://www.bhmversusmengele.tumblr.com  So when I see a much feted 3 second video of someone thought to be possibly Mengele and I look into that face I can attest my man was the real one, a close fit to the photos, and Mengele has again disappeared from history thanks to a shill burial and a shill bit of video. I just hope they did not kill the man.



And with the DNA solidly applied to the burial with the son, Rolf, everybody stopped looking for Mengele. The video threw facial similarities to the very adequate1977 photos awry, the DNA made the rotted remains a fit, and no one was now looking for the man as he had become, shorter by up to 6 inches from osteomyelitis and spongiform something. Mengele could’t lose. I was doing intense research into Monarch Programming when he intruded into my sandwich break and just then I only had a vague memory of the pages I was printing out to read later. My neighbouring researcher was spooked, but a quick written check told me the worst of the scientists doing Monarch Programming was dead already, and not very very short like my guy! I have always enthused about DNA in freeing wrongly convicted felons. In 1979 and again  a couple of years ago I was an elimination witness in the murder of local girl Teresa de Simone, and in that case seven ill people claimed to have done the murder. (There were 700 suspects..she was a barmaid and visited a nightclub) DNA proved that the first ill man to be believed could not have done it when there was a review 27 years later. Another ill man did the murder, comitted suicide later and the exhumation sorted out the mess. So for me DNA is a life or death door to go through. I even went to Brighton to follow up a lost newspaper lead from 30 years before…I was on Radio Bristol even, for the police were struggling again and I might have been , er, “lucky” to absolve someone else about to be wrongly convicted  even with DNA evidence…if people lie.




Now, for decades anyone having suspicions about a short but gap toothed German heavily accented man of obvious means and taste would not get past the DNA evidence. To say it is “just” an intelligence shill is a bit uncharitable. Please allow for the fact I looked my candidate in the eye in a context of researching the very subject he was regarded as a master. I could deal with the height difference….in fact now looking at pictures of Mengele that have surfaced he seems to have even used lifts in his shoes! The weight of evidence is slowly moving across some delicious  fulcrum. Strangely I did not clock the moustache, the gap teeth got my attention as he moked his ungloved finger towards my throat. The son, biological or naturalistic, is of course not responsible for the father, I was the first to let him know I had ID’d his father and told him I would say so to his face if he wished. I said his father was well, agile, in company of someone obviously a minder, and seeming to enjoy himself. I did not challenge Rolf for anything at all. It is best to try not to find fault with the living, and, even, as you will see elsewhere, the dead. By the way, the name of the villa, Villa Almarin, a German name in a French village. That is maybe a clue Mengele senior spent a lot of time there. For “master-work” is a recurring theme of the hidden side of Mind Control and nationalistic or racial supremacy. I do not want to make this bit too easy. Google “Great Work of the Secret Doctrine” and then the name Mengele. You should find the source for putting Rolf perhaps in a place he would rater be. Not the villa that costs $4,000 dollars plus a week to rent. Not the unprepossessing offices he used to ply his trade a s a lawyer, but a world away from the life and works of Josef M. It is not for me to tread on the dreams and toes of a lawyer. But we all owe history something…a child, a family, parental care, supporting the wrongly convicted


But to be told the son, actually, was not related to the father is as huge a gift as any historian, activist or blogger as I am could wish for. Claims had been made Mengele was dead, he was claimed officially or otherwise dead about six times according to Posner between after the war until the 1979 burial which in its time worked well to squash sightings or suspicions…never mind the power and the secrecy flowing from his particular expertise. Of which I shy, because the proud nail is the first to be hit.

But see http://www.bhmversusmengele.tumblr.com until I sort the remainder of this story out.





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